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Travel Permits

Some affiliates within the Rocky Mountain District require that teams playing in invitational tournaments outside of their home affiliate or state obtain a travel permit.

Travel permits are issued by the team's Affiliate ( state ). Contact your affiliate president for additional information. Note that some affiliates may charge monies for the travel permit.

Canadian Travel Permits and International Competition Applications are available to Rocky Mountain District teams from your Associate Registrar. Teams outside the Rocky Mountain District should contact their appropriate District or Associate Registrar. 

Canadian Travel Permits 

All USA Hockey teams traveling to Canada to play games against Canadian Hockey Association (CHA) teams must obtain a USAH Travel Permit, and all Canadian Hockey Association teams playing in the United States are required to have a CHA travel permit in order for games to be sanctioned. Travel permits should be requested no later that 14 days prior to departure. 

Please note USA Hockey insurance does not cover teams traveling to Canada during June, July and August as the CHA does not sanction games or tournaments during the summer months. 

Canadian Travel Permits are available from your Associate Registrar

International Competition Application 

An International Competition Application (excluding Canada or Canadian teams) is required for all inbound/outbound games played against member federations of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). 

1. Only the USA Hockey International Council is authorized to approve international matches with foreign federations. Per IIHF regulations, no team(s) shall be permitted to deal directly with each other or with the ice hockey federation of another country until both federations involved have approved the games. 

2. International Competition Forms must be submitted to and receive approval from the Affiliate Association, District Registrar, USA Hockey International Council and participating federations; in that order. 

3. Fees for games outside the USA (other than Canada) 

A. Teams and/or Associations that have been members of USA Hockey for at least two years shall remit the fee of $150 ($100 if submitted 90 days or more before the first game) payable to USA Hockey. 

B. Teams and/or Associations that are not members of USA Hockey or have been members for less than two years shall remit the fee of $250 ($200 if submitted 90 days or more before the first game) payable to USA Hockey. 

4. Fees for games in the USA (other than Canadian opponents) 

A. An approval fee of $100 per international team is applicable for foreign teams playing games in the United States. 

5. All international matches are played under the jurisdiction of the International Ice Hockey Federation and the federation of the host country. IIHF playing rules should be used during competition.