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Number of Players allowed on a Team

A limit of twenty (20) players at any one time may be registered per team except for high school, college and women's college who may roster 30 players and may dress 20 players and adult and women's teams who may roster 25 players and may dress 20 players.  Affiliates may allow their post season (Spring/Summer), teams formed to play between the end of the last USA Hockey National Youth/Girls Championship and August 31, to have a limit of twenty five (25) players on a roster and may dress twenty (2) players per game.  

A player may be registered in only one (1) national ice hockey federation.


Date of Birth

For NTB teams, a verification if required that a review of each players' birth certificate has been completed.  When no-verification is indicated on the Roster or Credentials Verification sheet, a copy of the birth certificate or passport for rostered player will be required.