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Player and Coaches Forms

Age Charts 21-22 age classification charts based on birth year listed  below

Claim Form – the injured person (parent/guardian) should complete the form and forward to their local association for verification the injury occurred in a sanctioned event. All medical bills and primary insurance Explanation of Benefits forms must be included for the claim to be processed. The Claim Form is available from your local association registrar. 

Confirmation Page - online registration confirmation receipt, proof of current membership.  Confirmation pages must be provided to the association in order to complete an individual's registration.  It is necessary for every association in which an individual participates to process or "claim" the member in order to maintain member benefits (insurance) for activities in that association.  To obtain another copy of a confirmation page, go to  There is a link in the upper left corner to "Request An Additional Registration Confirmation."  Enter the member's last name, date of birth and zip code to regenerate the confirmation page.

Student Coach Information  – required for all rostered Student Coaches. Refer to the Student Coach criteria in the current Annual Guide.  

USA Hockey Benefits  – a two (2) page flyer listing benefits members receive upon registration.

All above forms can be found in the Documents Tab  

Waiver IMR Form OR Waiver of Liability – all participants must complete a Waiver of Liability each season. The Waiver must be signed by: all players (ages 10 and older), a parent/guardian for all participants under the age of 18, and all coaches and managers. Associations may use either form, the Waiver IMR form can be used in place of an association registration form to collect participant information required by Cyber Sport. The Waiver IMR Form or Waiver of Liability is available from your local association registrar. 

The Waiver of Liability form is not required for any member who registered online at The Waiver was acknowledged and electronically signed during the registration process.   

Written Transfer (Canada or International) – required for all non-U.S. citizens under the age of 18 and all females. 

Local Association Registrars - blank USA Hockey forms in PDF format are included in the USA Hockey Forms section of portal.  You may print and copy these forms as needed for your association.