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Non-US Citizens Transfers

Written Player Transfers - Non-US Citizens

Non‐US Citizen Information

International Ice Hockey Federation regulations require that all non‐US citizen players on youth and girls/women’s classification teams be transferred by means of a letter of approval. There is no fee to process this written transfer for youth aged players. There are four Transfer Forms in your Registry, Canadian Youth, Canadian Adult Females, International Youth and International Youth (age 18). Complete the appropriate form for all non‐US citizen youth and girls/women’s players in your program before games are played. There is a fee for transferring international female players who are 18 years of age or older on national championship bound teams along with male players 18 years of age or older on a youth team.

In addition to a completed Transfer, non‐US citizen players must also provide proof of resident status in the US. Additional information is available on the Transfer Forms. When a non‐US citizen’s transfer is complete and proof of resident status has been approved by the national office, the player’s record will be marked as either Transfer Complete or Transfer Complete‐ Student in the national database. This information is also reflected on the Official Roster and the Credential Verification sheet.

All girls’ national championship‐bound teams are restricted to only two (2) players and all youth national championship bound teams shall be restricted to only four (4) players, in either case, that are non‐U.S. citizens temporarily residing in the U.S. under any combination of the following immigration visa categories: F. Academic Students; J. Exchange Alien Visa; P. Athletes and Entertainers [excluding their spouses and children under visa category P‐4]; Category M. Non‐Academic Student and Q. International Cultural Exchange Program participants. This restriction does not apply to non‐U.S. youth here with their parents on approved Visas.

Written Transfer Form - CANADIAN & INTERNATIONAL are available from your  Associate Registrar.