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District Personnel

District Directors

Kathleen Smith

District Director (UT)

Phone: 801-755-2167

T.C. Lewis

District Director (TX)

Phone: 281-897-9610

Mark Servaes

District Director (TX)

Phone: 713-204-6066

Geoff Pashkowski

District Director (AZ)

Phone: 602-376-6722

District Officers

Darla Thompson


Phone: 972-365-3125

Ken Reinhard


Phone: 817-994-7818

Jill Day


Kelly Grover

Risk Manager

Phone: 801-455-7153

Cosmo Clsrke


Phone: 214-975-7407

Neil Emerizy

Neil Emerizy


Phone: 208-859-1185

Section Repesentatives

Alfredo Corona

Disabled Hockey Rep

Phone: 682-556-1277

Geoff Pashkowski

Girls-Womens Section Rep

Phone: 602-376-6722

Tim Reckell

High School Section Rep

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