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Coaches and Parents

CEP Age Specific Modules

The new CEP requirements passed by USA Hockey's Board of Directors in June 2010 require all coaches complete a module for each age level of play they are coaching. Coaches can complete more than one module per season but can only be registered for one module at a time. The cost for each module is $10 and a USA Hockey membership confirmation number is required in order to register for the modules. 

Each week in September will feature the launch of a new age level module, beginning with the 8 & Under Module on September 6th. The full schedule is as follows:
      September 6: 8 & Under (Mites)
      September 13: 10 & Under (Squirts)
      September 20: 12 & Under (Peewees)
      September 27: 14 & Under (Bantams), and 16/18/19 & Under (Midgets) 

The modules feature presentations from USA Hockey and current and former National Team Development staff members, NHL and collegiate coaches, and subject-specific experts, i.e., nutritionists, psychologist, etc. Each age level consists of topics ranging from specific skill development (skating, passing, shooting, body contact, etc.) to goal tending to nutrition and sleep needs of players. All subjects and concepts will be conveyed using video presentations, drill examples, white board graphics, animation, etc.

Modules must be completed before December 31 of the current playing season. Once you register you have 30 days in which to complete the module. All modules started after December 1 still must be completed by December 31. 

Age Specific Modules - Information and Registration 

Skills and Drills

One of USA Hockey's most ambitious projects ever, a virtual DVD encyclopedia of hockey skills, will help organize practices and teach the sport correctly to players who will see their games improve.  

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Rocky Mountain District Coach-In-Chief

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Online Recertification for Level 3 Coaches

USA Hockey Coaching Education Program and flexxCoach University offers online recertification for Level 3 coaches. 

Coaching certification at Level 3 is valid for two (2) seasons, as indicated by the expiration date. 

A coach whose Level 3 is due to expire must take the online Level 3 Recertification Track 1 curriculum or they may move up to Level 4. Level 3 Track 1 Recertification is valid for two (2) seasons. 

A coach whose Track 1 Level 3 recertification is due to expire must take the online Level 3 Recertification Track 2 curriculum or move up to Level 4. Level 3 Track 2 Recertification is valid for two (2) seasons. 

Coaches whose Track 2 Level 3 Recertification is due to expire must attend a Level 4 clinic prior to the expiration of their Level 3 Recertification. 

Coaches must complete the online recertification program in order to recertify their Level 3 certifications. Attending a clinic or workshop is no longer valid for recertifying any certification level. 

Athlete Construction

Hockey Specific Dryland Training CD's. These two off-ice training CD's feature over 350 exercise videos with audio explanations for each exercise. Year long training programs for each training day of the year. Testing and Nutritional programs also included. The Hockey II Dryland Training CD features Angela Ruggiero from the USA Olympic Team. Officially licensed products of the USA Hockey Coaching Program. Visit for full details. 

Top 10 Off-Ice Training Tips
from Athlete Construction